Crossmind Studios in collaboration with Digiosmosis, created this set of two animated product commercials for the beverages brand named ‘Shunya’ – a new range by Naturedge Beverages.

Shunya (Zero). A symbol that is both, balance and perfection. Brimming with the power of anti-oxidants from super-herbs, Shunya is packed with the goodness of zero calories, zero added sugars, zero fruit sugars, zero artificial sweeteners, and zero preservatives.The aim of this project was to highlight the ingredients of Shunya. By combining realistic and surreal 3D animated shots and CGI simulated herbs. To maintain consistency, Crossmind also delivered the promotional artworks, posters, Web and social media posts of Shunya. With all that goodness, how could we not go all the way?


Client: Naturedge Beverages
Directed by Crossmind Studio
Agency: Digiosmosis
Creative Direction: Ram Singh, Vivek Mangipudi
Script: Ahmed Mansuri
Storyboard & Concept Dev: Ram Singh

3D Modelling: Arjan , Robin
3D Animation: Ram, Naskar
Shading & Lighting: Robin
VO Talent: Rajiv Dadia; Smrita Malhotra
Sound Design: Satya Narayan , Prayag Joshi

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