CGI for Product Advertising Using Blender 3D

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This is My first lecture in a series on 3d Production using software: Blender. In this lecture, I will take you through the process of using CGI for product advertisement using Blender 3D. Starting with the project planing and then moving on to 3D production, this series gives you a guided tour of the inner workings of software: Blender, covering the basics of the interface and how to achieve the results for production using simple methods. I will discuss the basics of Modeling, Lighting Setup, Animation and Fluid Simulation.

I hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to comment, and discuss among the community.Let me know if you have any questions, and Do share your version of this scene 🙂

Download Tutorial Resources

If you need reference Images for the tutorial, you can download them here.
Terms and Conditions:
By downloading these files you agree with the following:
  -You will not use any of these files for commercial use.
  -You can display the artwork created with the following resources on creative or social platforms as   long as you mention and credit CrossmindStudio.
  -You will not share these files further or upload them somewhere else without permission.

New to Blender and 3D?

If you are new to Blender and 3D in general and would like clear fundamentals first, I suggest you watch this series first .

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