Crossmind studios in collaboration with Digiosmosis created this set of two animated product commercial for  Beverages brand named ‘Shunya’ –  a new range by Naturedge Beverages. 

Zero. A symbol that is both, balance and perfection. It is this balance & perfection, which while being so essential, is well-nigh impossible to attain. A daily fix to win the daily grind. Brimming with the power of anti-oxidants from super-herbs, Shunya is packed with the goodness of zero calories, zero added sugars, zero fruit sugars, zero artificial sweeteners, and zero preservatives.


Client: Naturedge Beverages
Directed by Crossmind Studio
Agency: Digiosmosis
Creative Direction: Ram Singh, Vivek Mangipudi
Script: Ahmed Mansuri
Storyboard & Concept Dev: Ram Singh

3D Modelling: Arjan , Robin
3D Animation: Ram, Naskar
Shading & Lighting: Robin
VO Talent: Rajiv Dadia; Smrita Malhotra
Sound Design: Satya Narayan , Prayag Joshi

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